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Pure Leadership


The Process

The Benefits

  • Clarity about you, your situation and your goals
  • Structured, customised, one-on-one development
  • Safe and confidential place to think the unthinkable
  • Integrates and balances work and personal issues
  • Fresh vision for your future development

Feedback from clients

“I felt invigorated, understood and motivated to action” Rhian Day, Co–ordinator One25 (Bristol based charity)

“Initially a skeptic with regard to the value of coaching I am now a total convert and would recommend it for all. Andrew’s facilitation skills enable you to understand how your natural, and therefore preferred attitudes, values and behaviours impact on your leadership style. This is invaluable in developing strategies for moving forward in areas which may not be “natural” or comfortable for you personality type. Andrew’s coaching supported, and certainly expedited, my transition from manager to leader” Dr Tracey Rees, NHS