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Pure Leadership

Team Learning

Effective Teams

Effective teams need:

  • Clear leadership
  • Clear, shared, worthwhile purpose
  • Well defined roles for members
  • Successful interaction between members to achieve their goals
  • Well managed meetings and communication

All of these factors need to be in place for effective teamwork. We will help you:

  • Discover the natural strengths of your team, so you can "work with the grain" and find a way of working that suits your team and its mission
  • Clarify the development issues for your team
  • Develop team processes that promote learning and creativity
  • Renew vision and purpose

Partnerships and multi–agency teams
Many teams, especailly in the public sector, struggle with the challenges of trying to work together while being pulled in different directions by thier home organisations. Andrew Price has considerable experience of helping these teams identify common goals and practical ways of working together

Feedback from clients

“Andrew Price has provided excellent facilitation to our senior management team, resulting in real team cohesion.The sessions are extremely productive and motivating” Jayne Jones, Acting Director of Operations, NISCHR Research Network