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Pure Leadership


IQ, education and commitment are not enough. Leaders at all levels of the organisation need training to develop ways of acting and thinking that will result in the growth and learning of their staff.

We deliver training that is:

  • Backed up by years of senior management experience
  • Based on study and research
  • Enjoyable, memorable and provocative

Modules available include:

  • Discovering your leadership style. A one day programme that identifies what works for you as a leader, and why.
  • Leading a team. The essentials of establishing, leading and developing your team
  • Systems thinking. How to plan and lead in a complex, unpredictable environment
  • Managing your personal development. How to take control of your development

Vital Signs — essential management skills
Management is the only profession where people are expected just to learn on the job. The result of this is that new managers can make costly mistakes and pick up bad management habits. Vital Signs is an ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) endorsed programme that equips new managers with the skills they need. It is offered in conjunction with Development Consultancy, a South Wales based company. Vital Signs is delivered in 5, one day modules, and learning is assessed through a report and presentation.